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Club Mission

The mission of the Port Chester Soccer Club is to touch the lives of as many soccer players as possible in our community. Ultimately fostering within them a lifelong love for the game, respect for themselves and others, and enabling all players to achieve their maximum personal excellence.

Club Vision

The vision of the Port Chester Soccer Club is to provide quality and fun soccer instruction while creating a positive, enjoyable and nurturing environment. We look to give players of all levels in our community the opportunity to play soccer, the encouragement to strive to reach their own personal excellence , and preparation to move to the next stage of their development. In order to supplement our soccer instruction we also reinforce skills such as work ethic, teamwork, discipline, and respect.  Ultimately we engage the whole community in our club development and develop partnerships through our networks.

Club History

The Port Chester Soccer Club was started by a group of people that insisted on providing an environment for the youth of the community to learn team and leadership skills. The Club was founded in August of 2001 in Port Chester, New York, and continues to provide in the community to this day. As the community and sport continues to grow, PCSC continues to serve by bringing people together and creating a sense of teamwork. This year the club expects to field 20 youth soccer teams, which are divided by age groups. These teams are registered in the Westchester Youth Soccer League (WYSL). The Club expects more than 400 children and young adults to participate during the school year with over 250 players are expected to enroll in the travel program.


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